14 August 2017

Morgan Bond Companies

A joint venture of Morgan Holdings and Bond Companies

Morgan Bond Companies helps build communities, 
not just buildings. 

We’ve fostered over 30 years of relationships and together, we’ve developed more than 20,000 real estate units across the nation. Throughout, our business focus remains the same: transparency, integrity, and honesty. 

We are tirelessly optimistic
Our goal is to find what’s best for both our financial stakeholders and the communities in which we build. We take the time to understand each neighborhood, and design our developments to make a positive impact, lifting up overlooked and underserved areas. We take great pride in bringing new jobs and new vitality where it is sorely needed.

Our buildings are innovative
Bond Companies challenges what a building project can and should be. We often blend boundaries between commercial and residential spaces to create innovative experiences centered on walkability and transit. We strive to do what’s best by building responsibly, seeking LEED certification whenever we can. We make sustainability at the center of every design decision.

We believe that tomorrow is just as important as today
Every project is designed to help a community flourish, both for today’s residents and tomorrow’s generations. This approach has brought us national recognition for many of our built projects. But more importantly, we know that belief in future-oriented development has made the cities that we live in better

Nothing makes us more proud.

14 August 2017